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Toyota Protect

Showroom finish that lasts and lasts

Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary new way of giving your car a showroom finish.

Peace of mind

Just one application of ProTect at your local Toyota Authorised Dealer/Repairer is all that’s required for five year’s guaranteed peace of mind.

  • Preserves and shines paintwork.
  • Keeps alloy wheels clean.
  • Creates an invisible shield to care for upholstery.

Innovative science

Toyota ProTect is derived from an advanced NASA coating that works at a molecular level to form a ceramic hardened finish.

  • Lasts much longer than traditional wax and advanced polymer sealants.
  • No monthly conservers required.
  • Special treatments for paintwork, alloy wheels and upholstery.

High gloss paintwork

Toyota ProTect can be applied to all exterior paintwork and side windows.

  • Gives your car a long lasting high gloss finish.
  • Protects against pollution, weather and other atmospheric and natural threats.
  • Hydro-repellent properties prevent water streaking.

Keeps alloy wheels clean

One coating of Toyota ProTect will keep your alloy wheels looking cleaner for longer.

  • The smooth coating prevents brake dust staining.