Toyota ProTect

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Toyota ProTect

Showroom finish that lasts and lasts
Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary new way of giving your car a showroom finish.

Just one application of ProTect at Grandons Toyota is all that’s required for five year’s guaranteed peace of mind.

Preserves and shines paintwork.

Keeps alloy wheels clean.

Creates an invisible shield to care for upholstery.

It's like adding a protective glass layer over your paintwork


High gloss paintwork

Toyota ProTect can be applied to all exterior paintwork and side windows.

Gives your car a long lasting high gloss finish.

Protects against pollution, weather and other atmospheric and natural threats.

Hydro-repellent properties prevent water streaking.



Keeps alloy wheels clean

One coating of Toyota ProTect will keep your alloy wheels looking cleaner for longer.

The smooth coating prevents brake dust staining.



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