How to change the time clock on your Toyota | Grandons Toyota Cork

How to change the time clock on your Toyota | Grandons Toyota Cork

The clocks have changed, now how to change the clock on your Toyota!
If you are unsure how to adjust the time clock in your Toyota, follow the instructions below or call into us for assistance, EXIT 18 M8. We open 6 days and from 8am Mon-Fri, 9am Saturday (Sales & Parts)

Changing the Time Clock!

It might be easy to remember to add one hour on the last Sunday of March and go back one hour on the last Sunday of October, but it can be tough to remember which button does what in your car’s cabin.

So to make your life a little bit easier, here’s how to adjust the clock in the current Toyota range.


Broadly speaking, the clocks fall into two categories

  • those with physical buttons for adjustment, and
  • those adjusted via in-car menus.


Adjusting the time using physical buttons:

On the Yaris, C-HR, GT86 and Land Cruiser, the clock is adjusted using physical buttons usually located close to the clock display. The main exception is Prius models, where the buttons are located on the centre console below the hazard warning switch.

Dependent on the model, you’ll find either two or three buttons: ‘H’, ‘M’, and possibly ‘:00’. Pressing the ‘H’ button advances the clock by one hour, and the ‘M’ button by one minute. If present, the ‘:00’ button rounds to the nearest hour.

Adjusting the time using in-car menus

On models where the clock is part of the instrument cluster’s multi-information display you need to use the steering wheel buttons to access the correct settings menu.

With your vehicle stopped, begin by pressing and holding the ‘DISP’ button on the steering wheel to enter the adjustment mode.

Select ‘CLOCK’ by pressing and holding the ‘DISP’ button. The hours will be highlighted, and each press of the ‘DISP’ button will advance the clock by one hour.

Wait five seconds to confirm the hours, and then use the same process to set the minutes. After setting the minutes, wait another five seconds to confirm the time.

The Aygo fitted with a multimedia system also uses a menu-based process for clock adjustment. Begin by pressing the ‘Menu/Select’ knob, select ‘SETUP’, then select ‘GENERAL’, and select ‘Clock’ from the onscreen menu. On the following screen you can cycle through the hours and minutes, set minutes to 00, and also amend the 12- of 24-hour time format.


What if I own an older Toyota?

The instructions above will probably cover most Toyotas from recent years. But for specific instructions relating to your vehicle, it’s simple to download an owner’s manual from the MyToyota owner’s portal.

Download from here:

Click "MyToyota" on the top right hand side of the screen.

If you’ve not already set up your MyToyota account, simply sign up, register your vehicle and you’ll be able to download the correct manual for your car straight away.

Remember that if you have any query about the operation of your Toyota, call into us for help or contact us on social media and we’ll try to help!



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Changing the Time Clock!

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