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Daniel Kearney
Grandons Toyota Dealer Cork - Brand Ambassador, Senior Cork Hurler Daniel Kearney.

Get to Know Our Brand Ambassador with Daniel Kearney

1. If you could play an All-Ireland final in any stadium outside of Ireland, where would you like to play it?

Anfield, just for the atmosphere because I think the old traditional grounds are much better. Sometimes in new stadiums the atmosphere can be lost a bit, but if you look at any game in Anfield the stadium is always rocking.

I’m not even a Liverpool fan, I do follow soccer but I don’t really have a team. I think Anfield is just class because the stands are right on top of the pitch and the old Highbury was the same. The newer stadiums don’t have a patch on them.

2. Is there one team you follow particularly closely in any code other than GAA?

No, but I would consider myself a sports fanatic. I’m a huge fan of Tiger Woods and if I was to follow one sportsman it would probably be him. The other sports – soccer, rugby, NFL – I have a general interest in and I like watching games and seeing how teams perform.

3. If you were away for the weekend and you turned on your computer on a Monday morning, which sports results would you look for first?

I suppose GAA results first, but after that it would be the Premier League soccer scores.

4. Who would you consider to be Cork’s greatest ever sportsperson?

Christy Ring. Obviously I’ve never seen him play but for everything he accomplished in the game and the fact that his name is still so relevant today and he is still so prominent in today’s society 50 years after his prime.

I’ve seen a couple of videos of him playing and you would really notice how strong he was. That was the big thing – he wasn’t just a skilful corner forward, he was built like a centre-back and obviously very aggressive.

5. What do see as the percentage split between work-rate and talent in terms of what it takes to become an inter-county hurler?

It probably goes 60 to 70 per cent on work-rate and then ability is probably 30 per cent. Ability is obviously very important but if you are not working you are nothing. You can always improve on your skills even if naturally you are not that talented. If you work hard and are dedicated enough I think you get to the places where you deserve.

6. In addition to the group training sessions with Cork, do you put extra time into working on your skills and improving your game?

I would like to be thought of as someone who has worked hard at their game because any time I am not training I am always trying to do something that’s beneficial to my game – whether that is going to the gym or going for a puck-around or watching a game. I normally do two or three gym sessions a week or have a puck-around down in Sars’ on a Saturday, or if there is a game on, I go down to the ball alley.

7. If you could revisit any one moment in your career and go back and change it, what moment would you choose?

I would go back to the U21 Munster semi-final against Tipperary in 2010. We were a point up with a minute to go and some people have said it was one of the best Cork U21 teams to play in the grade and to lose that day was very disappointing.

The goal from a free we conceded in the last minute (sending the game to extra-time) was an absolute killer. I remember it hurt because it was to get to a provincial final and I had never won one before, and winning a Munster title would have been so big for us. The fact that we didn’t get over the line was so disappointing.

8. Who’s the most famous sportsperson you have ever met?

Can I say Seán Óg Ó hAilpín? God, that’s pretty boring I know. I could lie if you want but we better not do that actually!