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Toyota Prius Plug-in - The 2017 World Green Car of the Year !

This amazing car has now arrived at Grandons!
"For 20 years the Toyota Prius has been synonymous with eco-friendly motoring. That has been thanks to a clever hybrid system that combines a petrol engine with an electric motor to deliver standard-setting fuel consumption and emission figures. Now it adds another string to its bow, with the arrival in June of a plug-in version of the fourth-generation Prius that went on sale last year. It's the first Prius of this type to be offered here. A plug-in version of the previous generation wasn't considered to have sufficient benefits over the regular series hybrid to make sense for Irish motorists. Imagine being able to drive at speeds as high as 135km/h or as far as 50km* without using a drop of fuel. Well, that time is now thanks to the Prius Plug-in Hybrid’s 68kW EV power rating. When your journeys exceed its 50km* EV range the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid is estimated to sip fuel at 282 MPG*, which means fewer refuels for you and even fewer emissions from the tailpipe: estimated at an exceptionally low 22g/km*...

Plug-in to the next step..







On Wednesday 12 April, the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid was declared the 2017 World Green Car at the New York International Auto Show.

This is the second consecutive year Toyota earned the World Green Car title. Last year the award went to the Toyota Mirai.


EV Grant Scheme

SEAI is offering grants of up to €5,000 for a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) purchased & registered in Ireland. In addition, these vehicles also qualify for VRT relief of up to €5,000 for a BEV & €2,500 for a PHEV, providing a maximum combined subsidy (grant + VRT relief) of €10,000 for BEVs & €7,500 for PHEVs. Grants are accessed via the Dealer. 

Electric Vehicles (EV) refer to both Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). Ireland's target is to achieve 10% electric vehicle usage by 2020, which is equivalent to having 230,000 vehicles on the road.

In addition, ESB will be providing free connection points in the home of each of the first 2,000 vehicles purchased. By the end of 2013, ESB had installed 700 public AC charge points and 50 fast chargers. For more information on charging points visit

For more information CLICK SEAI link below:

Charging an Electric Vehicle (EV)


For more information on the Toyota Prius Plug-In


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